5 awesome tools for app developers and marketers spotted on Product Hunt

About a month ago we compiled a list of tools and resources that make a life of an indie app developer much easier. Those were mostly well-known, established tools that have been around for a while. But the industry is not standing still. This week we have selected 5 fresh tools for app developers that you are very unlikely to have heard of.

Why being on Product Hunt makes these products special?

Product Hunt is a website for featuring and discussing best new web projects, apps, gadgets and technology products. The Product Hunt community consists of startuppers, investors, tech journalists and enthusiastic startup hunters. Submitting a product to the service is not easy and it takes a lot of upvotes for the service to get noticed. That is why only great products get through.

So here comes the list. You couldn’t imagine that some processes can be so much simplified.

1. Doorbell

This is an SDK that allows getting feedback and replying to users. It’s much simpler than well-known customer relationship services like Zendesk. Doorbell perfectly fits the needs of small developers. And if you need only one or two team members to access the service, Doorbell will be free for you.

2. App Screenshot Builder

app_screenshot builder

When you look at the App Store screenshots of an established publisher, you may think that these took a lot of time and design skills to develop. But apparently you can use App Screenshot Builder and create neat screenshots in a matter of minutes. Another great feature is resizing screenshots. Submit a set of 6+ screenshots and App Screenshot Builder will complete the job for you. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the option to generate iPad screenshots. Other than that, it’s a great product saving hours of valuable time.

3. Make App Icon


This product perfectly complements the previous one. Download the image you want to use for your app icon and then sign up to download all the required artwork to your computer. You can also preview how the icon will look on all types of devices. Works for both iOS and Android App Stores.

4. App Press

Two previous products are indispensable in case design is not your cup of tea. But what if you lack developing skills? That’s not a problem with a product like App Press. If you have an idea for an app but have a problem with its delivery, this is just what the doctor ordered. The product is not free of course, but well worth the money, as it allows you to be in charge of the whole process.

5. Appsites

On Product Hunt, you can find a number of solutions for creating app landing pages. The most upvoted is Appsites. Appsites is paid ($9/month for one website, $19 for unlimited websites), but you can try the service for free. You can customize each element on the website, choose among several themes, use a custom domain and add Google Analytics tracking. So if you don’t mind a small fee, this is a decent solution for app landing pages.

Great products appear on Product Hunt every day. Make sure to sign up to test the new products right after they appear. By the way, many creators keep their products free for some time after the launch. If you like free useful tools for app developers, don’t forget to sign up for our soon available SDK AppDK that you’ll be able to use to increase user engagement, analyze their behavior, watch downloads statistics in real time, drive positive reviews and more.

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