6 Communities and Discussion Forums for iOS Developers

When app developers create a cool game/app or discover some awesome ways to promote their product, they share. On forums, subreddits, on their blogs and so on. Where else can you show off your brainchild, compare yourself against other developers, ask questions and get detailed answers?

You probably already hang out on a few developer forums. But it won’t hurt to discover a few new ones. Here comes!


1. iPhoneDevSDK


Great breakdown by categories with a super-dynamic thread devoted to iOS SDK development. Don’t miss Mobile Marketing Techniques forum where developers share their success stories and where you can post your marketing-related questions. Your problems may inspire long discussions.

2. Ray Wenderlich


This one is definitely worth your attention. iOS development discussions, marketing tips – it’s all here. You can post information about your new app on the Reader’s Apps thread. By the way, Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials are often recommended for learning the basics of iOS programming.

3. Devblogs subreddit


Great way to read the blogs of the developers who are just like you. They share their stories, game development ups and downs, thoughts and concerns. Here you may get feedback on your new game and post your questions.

4. Stack Overflow


Functioning since 2008, this forum probably has the answers to all technical questions you might have. By the way, this is a number one website if you have difficulties with submitting apps to itunesconnect.

5. MacRumors


One of the oldest Apple news related websites has a quite popular iPhone and iPad programming forum. The incredible numbers of views, the threads get, speak for themselves.

6. iOS Application Development topic on Quora


Do you like Quora? You should. If you can’t find something on Google, search it on Quora. Here you may find more general iOS-related discussions. Don’t hesitate to post your questions in this topic, there are lots of experts on Quora ready with the answers.

Studying threads and engaging in discussions in these communities is a super beneficial activity to include into your daily routine.

Bonus: Now that we are discussing good sources for app marketing information, don’t miss the appintop podcasts. A lot of game-specific promotion tricks can be found here as well.

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