Beginner’s Guide to Using App Promo Codes

Today’s post will be short. Yet very actionable.

You know how every iOS developer can get up to 100 promo codes per app release. At first glance, using them is super easy: you just create the codes and then share them with bloggers, app reviewers and other influential people who might get interested in your app.

However, there are a few things you need to know to make this easy process more rewarding.


Briefly about promo codes

You can create up to 100 promo codes per release. Unfortunately, you can’t create promo codes for in-app purchases. This means that they become invalid when the next update comes out.

After the code is generated, it’s valid for 28 days.That is why it’s a bad idea to generate promo codes if you don’t yet know who to send them to.

You can read all the details about generating promo codes here


Planning ahead

A hundred only seems like a huge number. In fact, you need to decide in advance what you will spend your promo codes on.

Basically promo codes are sent to:

- App review websites

- YouTube video reviewers

- Bloggers

- Early adopters (those people in your target audience who are the first to try out the new apps and who can then spread the word to the rest of the audience)

- Giveaway websites

Since each giveaway requires around 5-10 of promo codes, it’s better to decide in advance how many giveaways you’ll hold. You may either start the giveaways yourself using your social accounts, or choose a website whose readership matches your target audience.

After you’ve put aside the promo codes for giveaways, start sending them to bloggers and review websites. Pay attention to the submission requirements. Some websites state that they will only ask for promo codes, if they choose your app for review. Some require several codes right away.

Tools that will help you

Any marketing activities are nothing without measuring and analyzing. There are many tools out there that make tracking promo code related activities.

For example, shows how many promo codes for a particular app have been redeemed on a particular day.

View History on the Promo Codes page will help you track the promo codes’ generation and expiration dates.

If you want to take the tracking process one step further, sign up for Redeem-Now. It’s a free tool that lets you generate links from the promo codes. When creating each link you may add a note like the name of the website or a blogger you are sending it to. You may then track which codes have been redeemed and when. The good thing about using this tool is that you may reuse the codes that haven’t been redeemed.

Another great way to organize information about promo codes is to create an Excel or Google Sheets file where you can list your promo codes, who they were sent to and the codes’ generation dates. You may then highlight the ones that have been used.

These are not all the great ways to optmize the using of promo codes. But these are the ones that we ourselves practice. Remember, on this blog, you’ll always find tips that have been filtered through our own experience. Stay tuned!

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