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If you feel depressed about your app going nowhere, stop it. There are so many useful blogs out there that will educate you and provide you with incredible ideas to push your app to success. I have checked out my share of app marketing blogs and selected the ones that are worth your precious time. People who write them actually work with mobile apps, analyze big chunks of data, and know what they are talking about.



Sensor Tower is a major app marketing platform and an ASO tool used by tens of thousands of app developers. They have lots of data to fall back on when writing their marketing tips. And their ASO insights help to uncover some aspects of Apple search algorithm. With their recently added Ad Intelligence that helps to track what advertising activities your competitors are undertaking, I expect even more awesome posts coming. The results of price drops, top Instagram advertisers, the list of countries with the highest conversion rates – you’ll find all this in their recent posts.


Stuart Hall, the guy behind Appbot, created an app 7 Minute Workout which enjoyed huge success and an incredible number of downloads. Yet not a single cent was spent on marketing. The app was later bought by Wahoo, and Stuart went to develop a few more apps and a review managing platform Appbot. On his blog, he shares unique insights and tips that actually work. And this post by Stuart Hall is every indie app developer’s must-read.


If you want to listen to successful people revealing their secrets on mobile app promotion, you have got to check out AppInTop podcasts. And by successful people I mean developers and founders of major marketing platforms, translation agencies, media groups and analytics services that are popular with mobile developers. Unfortunately, the podcasts don’t come out as often as they used to. But if you are lucky to know Russian, you can listen to more interviews on the Russian version of the website.


I recently discovered this blog, and I can say that it’s absolutely worth your time. ThinkApps contributors cover everything from development and design to marketing and monetization ideas.

AppDK blog

Here on AppDK blog you can read about cost-free ways to promote your application. We’ve been developing iOS apps for a while and are always ready to share the techniques we use to promote them. As we recently released an Android app, we started covering Android app marketing as well. The posts are published only twice a month so you may even start to miss them. Make sure to leave your email in the upper right corner of the page and get fresh posts in your inbox every two weeks.

Hope you’ll benefit from this list of blogs. If you have a great blog to recommend, share it in the comments.

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