Best Blogs on App Marketing

If you feel depressed about your app going nowhere, stop it. There are so many useful blogs out there that will educate you and provide you with incredible ideas to push your app to success. I have checked out my share of app marketing blogs and selected the ones that are worth your precious time. People who write them actually work with mobile apps, analyze big chunks of data, and know what they are talking about.


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Defining The Unique Selling Proposition of Your Mobile App

They say you can’t promote a product unless you can capture its essence in one sentence. And there seems to be no exception to this rule. Your mobile app or game is also a product and, therefore, should be supported by a unique selling proposition.

So what exactly is a unique selling proposition (USP)? It’s a factor that makes your app different from the competitors. It’s not a feature that other products doesn’t have, but rather a user benefit, that other apps don’t provide.

It’s worth thinking about your USP before you start working on your app. When you know what is supposed to differentiate your future app from competitors, what its audience is supposed to be like, it’s easier to work on the project and to deliver the app’s idea to anyone in your team.
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Some Growth Hacking Ideas for App Promotion

You may spend hours and days promoting your mobile app or game. You talk about your app on forums, your product appears on some app blogs every now and then, but each of this activities brings you very few users and hardly any money.

But that’s not how it’s done. App marketing is about effective techniques and a stable growth. It really helps adopting a growth hacking mindset when you set out to promote your products.

growth hacking and app promotion

So, what is growth hacking? It’s a marketing technique which uses creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to sell and promote products. For growth hackers, the absolute focus is growth. If something doesn’t promise you a considerable boost in downloads, it’s not worth it.

Today we’ll teach you some growth hacking app promotion techniques. Read them, adapt them to your reality and take action. It’s time to move your app marketing to another level.

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5 awesome tools for app developers and marketers spotted on Product Hunt

About a month ago we compiled a list of tools and resources that make a life of an indie app developer much easier. Those were mostly well-known, established tools that have been around for a while. But the industry is not standing still. This week we have selected 5 fresh tools for app developers that you are very unlikely to have heard of.

Why being on Product Hunt makes these products special?

Product Hunt is a website for featuring and discussing best new web projects, apps, gadgets and technology products. The Product Hunt community consists of startuppers, investors, tech journalists and enthusiastic startup hunters. Submitting a product to the service is not easy and it takes a lot of upvotes for the service to get noticed. That is why only great products get through.

So here comes the list. You couldn’t imagine that some processes can be so much simplified.

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