Defining The Unique Selling Proposition of Your Mobile App

They say you can’t promote a product unless you can capture its essence in one sentence. And there seems to be no exception to this rule. Your mobile app or game is also a product and, therefore, should be supported by a unique selling proposition.

So what exactly is a unique selling proposition (USP)? It’s a factor that makes your app different from the competitors. It’s not a feature that other products doesn’t have, but rather a user benefit, that other apps don’t provide.

It’s worth thinking about your USP before you start working on your app. When you know what is supposed to differentiate your future app from competitors, what its audience is supposed to be like, it’s easier to work on the project and to deliver the app’s idea to anyone in your team.

How to figure out your app’s USP?

- Define factors that differentiate you from others (unique features of your app, free functionality that other apps provide for money);

- Describe your audience/persona in detail. It’s really awesome when your target audience is yourself. If not, you should think of a particular person you know who would be interested in your product and target your USP at them. Targeting a specific niche can make your app stand out.

- Try comparing yourself to major brands/apps. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to explain a complex idea in a few words. For example, GigRove positions itself as Airbnb for freelancers. It’s easy to guess that on GigRove people can get accommodation in exchange for work, normally related to startups.

USP best practices on the App Store

USP should be converted in what is called a tagline or a slogan.

This tagline, when formulated correctly, can serve as your app’s title, a subject line for your app email pitches, and the heading for your app’s landing page. Even if you spend hours coming up with a perfect tagline, it will pay off.

Here are a few taglines of the photo apps found on the App Store:

Glitche: A full range of tools and options to turn images into masterpieces of digital art
VSCO cam: The standard of mobile photography
Facetune: Don’t wait for the perfect shot, facetune it.

Your USP is, of course, prone to changes. For example, when you update your app and add new benefits for the user, you need to rethink your selling proposition.

As you see, a single sentence can make a big difference in the life of your mobile app. Another great thing about having a catchy USP is that it takes no more than a minute to tell your new acquaintances what your business is about.

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