How and Where to Effectively Track Your App Metrics

It goes without saying that you need to track certain metrics to know whether your app performance is moving in the right direction. And here are some ideas to organize this process.

Below is the list of the metrics you need to track along with the free tools that will help you do it more effectively.

Keyword rankings

The best free tool for tracking your keyword rankings is AppAnnie. Just sign up, search for your app and go to Keywords / ASO tab. You’ll then see how you rank for a list of keywords and how many apps are competing for this keyword. If you are targeting particular keyword phrases, add them using the field at the bottom of the page. These added keyword phrases are private, and you’ll see them next time you log in on AppAnnie and go to the app page.

Country rankings

Here again, we can’t think of the tool more convenient than AppAnnie to track the dynamics of app country rankings (see Daily Ranks tab).The only significant drawback with rankings tracking on AppAnnie is that you can’t select the date range, other than the one selected by the system.

But you can do that in Appfigures – another beautiful tracking tool. Very convenient for tracking downloads, updates and in-app purchases. The interface is pretty intuitive and tracking up to 5 apps is free.

Downloads statistics and where to see real-time downloads of your iOS app

There are a number of tools that help you track your daily app downloads. Appfigures is very convenient. You don’t even need to add an SDK, just link your App Store account to your Appfigures account.

But sometimes you need to see real-time data, like, when you want to see the impact of some promo activity right away. For example, you’ve got an app review published, and you want to find out whether the sales started to increase.


iTunesconnect only updates the information every 24 hours. On Appfigures, you may only see the statistics from the previous day. That is why developers sometimes build their own SDKs to deal with the problem. We’ve built our own solution and we can share it with other developers no problem. You just need to download the SDK, add it to your project and wait until your app with the inbuilt SDK is approved by the App Store.

One more cool thing about the AppDK is that it keeps track not only of new users, but also of active users of your app. If you would like to be among the first to test the service, leave your email here. The statistics are quite reliable. Every new online session from the device IDFA not previously registered in our system for a given app is counted as a new install. Above you may see the screenshot of app’s statistics dashboard from AppDK.


Keep in mind that efficient statistics tracking doesn’t guarantee the success of your app. This is just a reflection of your app’s performance. But once you’ve got some promotional campaigns launched, it’s better to see the big picture. So don’t put off signing up for statistics services and adding useful SDKs until you let some actionable information slip away.

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