How to Create Full-screen Ads for Mobile Cross-promo Campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, app cross promotion is invaluable as a starting point for your app marketing. Loyal users of your old apps are perhaps a perfect target audience for your new apps. Plus, with service like AppDK, cross-promotion is simple and requires a little of your time and none of your money.

We’ve written about many ways in which you can make your app cross promotion more effective. And here comes a new tip.

Use full-screen banners to cross-promote your apps.

Are we saying that you can now use full-screen banners instead of text ads on AppDK? Yes! The ad constructor is not yet available, but it soon will be. If you want to try the option right away, you may send your banners to me in .jpg format, we’ll add them and you may get the campaign started. And sign up for AppDK, if you haven’t done it yet. It’s still free.

In the meantime let’s learn everything you need to know about full-screen ads and how to create them. Shall we?

Why full-screen ads are so effective?

Firstly, when beautifully designed and shown at the right moment, they are not very annoying. Especially, when compared to small banner ads that continuously block a part of the screen.

In addition to that, image-based ads drive more engagement than text ads. Pictures sometimes tell more than words, especially if you show your ad to audience from different countries and don’t localize your ad texts.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that advertising your app using full-screen ads is quite expensive. This makes an opportunity to use them free of charge for app cross-promotion even more tempting.

How to create a cross-promo banner for your app?

Are there any rules? Yes!


An effective banner should include the following elements:

- A captivating background image. Just as with the text banner, the banner should reflect what’s in the app for the user like the picture already edited with your photo app, or an exciting moment in a mobile game.

- A short description of the app. 3-5 words about what your app does. If the background image is descriptive on its own, just the app name would suffice.

- Call to action written against a catchy button. The user will be redirected to App Store when clicking on any place on the banner (except the close button). However, a clear call-to-action would increase the click-through-rate considerably.

- “Available on the App Store” badge. Another ingredient that is often overlooked. Adding the badge to a banner will make your ad more credible.

- In case the app is free, or new, or both, place this information on your banner.

As to where to create them, you may use Photoshop. But I prefer – it’s free, simple and has lots of templates available.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about creating full-screen banners. Stay tuned for more tips.

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