How to Promote Your Android App for Free

Promoting Android apps may not be as straightforward as promoting iOS products: the Google Play search algorithm seems more sophisticated, there are more Android apps than iOS ones (1.6 million VS 1.5 million). And as there are many more paying customers on iOS than Android, the competition seems even more severe.

However, when you know where to submit your app and where to inspire conversations about it, the whole promotion process becomes more strategic and successful. Let’s take a look at these websites and social media channels.


Android-related subreddits

Subreddits discussing all things Android are much livelier than the ones devoted to iOS applications. Here are a few examples: You need to be active on this subreddit or other Android related subreddits for your post to be accepted. Also make sure to submit your product to this page. Note that your post should be a self-post rather than just a link with a title. Otherwise, it may be removed by the thread moderators.

Carefully think through your titles and texts and ask for feedback to encourage the discussion.

Also, since Reddit has subreddits for almost everything, find communities that are relevant to your applications. For example, we have an Android app Processor that allows using sketches created with the programming language Processing for photo editing. We posted about this app on subreddits devoted to creative coding, processing and glitch art where the app got a lot of feedback.

The good thing about Reddit is that you don’t promote your app to random people here, but rather target your perfect audience.

Android-only app review websites

Getting bloggers and journalists to write about your app is extremely important for Android developers. The benefits here are multifold. Firstly, you can get new users among the readers of the website. And then the links to your product on popular websites affect your AppStore ranking which brings your more organic downloads from the store.

There are a few blogs that every Android developer should know about.

If you are on Quora, follow this question. Someone may add some new Android blogs.


Many of Google + communities seem terribly quiet. But the links to your app on Google+ and the upvotes these links get have an impact on your app’s ranking in Google Play Store. So if you want to take a wholistic approach to Google Play app store optimization, a few posts on Google+ should be included into your marketing routine. Post on your page, ask your friends for upvotes, find the communities that are active and relevant to your application and post there.

Alternative Android app stores

Many Android users prefer app stores other than Google Play. By submitting your applications to these stores, you may considerably grow your user base. Here is a good overview of the most popular Google Play store alternatives.

And, of course, don’t forget some universal app promotion methods like submitting your app to Product Hunt.

We here at Ultralab Apps have only just started creating apps for Android, and, apparently, more posts on Android app marketing are coming. So stay tuned!

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