How to Promote Your iOS Apps to Japanese Market

At first, a few words about why pushing apps to Japan is a great idea. Firstly, large market (this small country has a third of USA population) with users preferring iOS devices over the ones running on Android. And, secondly, the Japanese are ready to spend money on good quality apps, games and in-apps (not so much the case in Russia or China). In fact, according to Sensortower, Japan demonstrates the highest revenue per download in 2015. You can’t miss a chance of getting your app or game in front of the eyes of such valuable users!


How to get Japan know about your app?

The surest strategy would be getting Japanese journalists and bloggers to review your app. Write an app pitch and send it to Japanese app review websites. Make use of this list below:

Japanese app review websites


Website Contact email Notes Requirements apps for girls apps for girls Contact form Contact form Contact form apps for girls

See the longer list here (some of the websites no longer work as the list was compiled in 2013)

What you need to know when promoting your apps and games to Japan

- Check Top Ranked apps in your app category in Japan (you can use AppAnnie). This will give you an idea about what Japanese audience likes. Also, remember that there can be good quality Japanese-only apps you’ll have to compete with.

- Not so many people in Japan speak English fluently, make sure your app is super intuitive and can be easily used by non-English speakers.

- If your app gets reviewed on several websites, and its popularity in Japan will grow, consider professional localization. In terms of revenue, Japanese App Store came right after US store in 2014. So if you do want to invest in localization, Japanese should be your priority.

- You need to try to learn about Japanese culture, look through their most popular app review websites and read some market overviews. For examples, we discovered that the Japanese have invented Purikura – sticker photo booths. And including this word into the keyword list for our collage photo editing apps is a way to increase their discoverability in Japanese App Stores. It’s little things like this one that make the international marketing so much more effective.

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