How To Write Your Own App Press Release And Save Yourself $100

Some marketers argue whether app press releases are worth it these days. Frankly speaking, publishing a press release on a press release distribution websites have never caused a huge downloads boost for our apps. However, we can name at least two advantages of publishing press releases:

- After the press release is published, the app normally gets featured on around 15 websites which contributes a lot to the app’s discoverability in search engines. Don’t expect a huge number of downloads, though. The most influential iOS app websites probably have tons of app pitches sent directly to them and they don’t need to monitor press releases websites for information;

- Once it’s published on a website like prMac, you get yourself a convenient link to share with journalists and bloggers.

And it is commonly known that journalists and bloggers are the ones who spread the news about new apps most effectively.

So, yes, app press releases are worth it.


You may either have your press release written for you or write it yourself. As the one who developed you app, you have all the information that you require. Below you’ll find guidelines on how to organize this information into a sleek press release.

How to write an app press release?

You need to follow quite a strictly outlined press release structure. Remember, that you shouldn’t sound unbiased and don’t use “I”, “we”,”you” and “your”. Instead opt for “app users”, “iOS gamers” and so on. Here are the major elements of an app press release:

Killer headline(≈70 chars)

Great headline is everything. When you browse a page with press releases, you only scan the headlines, don’t you? Unless your headline stands out, the rest of the press release remains undiscovered. Go to major app review websites like AppAdvice to grab some ideas for the headline structure.

Lead/Summary (≈500 chars)

This is pretty much the same as the description field in Google search results page. It should summarize all the information that you write below in your press release and make the journalist want to read more. The lead should answer the questions what, who, where, why and when questions.

Press release body

Start with the date and location. Then describe in as many details as possible what your app does and what its goal is. The boday may include several paragraphs. Sometimes journalists cut off the last paragraphs and publish the rest unchanged. So the yummiest information should come first. Include information about the app’s functionality and cases of when the app can be used.

Device requirements, pricing and coming up

Mention the devices the app is developed for, the app size, price and availability information.


You can share the mission of your app through a quote. If a journalist writes a review based on your press release, the quote is the part that is included unchanged. Adding a quote to your press release a great way to deliver your app’s goal directly to your target audience.

Links to relevant sources

These normally include:

- a link to app video preview;

- a link to the app’s page on iTunes;

- a link to the developer’s website;

- links to a screenshot and an icon;

- a link to the app’s splash page

About your company

Shortly describe your company’s mission. You may then reuse this part for your other press releases.

The signs ### mark the end of you press release. Write your name and contact details below –your press release is ready.

Where to publish your app press release

We have chosen prMac as our primary wire service. It’s a press release distribution website dedicated exclusively to iOS and OS X apps, so you have a good chance of being noticed. For the fee of $19,75 prMac distributes press release with links and attachments. This is very convenient: you may prepare your press release while your app is waiting for review and save it as a draft. Then, once your app is available, you add an iTunes link and publish it. The press release will go live immediately.

Once the press release is published, include the link to it into your pitch letter.

Something to keep in mind

Back in the day, press releases were meant to be succinct list of facts about something newsworthy that only journalists had access to. Now it may actually be your target user that stumbles upon your press release in the internet. Make sure that, in spite of the absence of personal touch and emotional sentences, your press release is captivating and easy to read.

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