Starting With iOS App Localization

You do realize that USA and UK are not the only countries where people download apps and play mobile games. However, unless your app is localized, for example, into Spanish, people of Mexico, Chili, Spain or Argentina will have a hard time finding it.

The idea to localize your app into another language has probably entered your mind. But the high fees for professional localization and the fact that hardly any indie developers localize their apps sort of hold you back.

But you can go the easy way. Even if you only localize metadata (keyword, description, and title) and leave interface and screenshots in English, it will still boost your app’s visibility. It will only take you a few hours to implement, there are no risks, and our tips will help you reach some amazing results.

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How We Got Our App Featured on Product Hunt and How You Can Do it Too

They say you can’t properly promote your app without paid advertising. However, you sometimes come across app success stories telling about impressive numbers of organic downloads. And, interestingly enough, many of these stories include being featured on Product Hunt.


Product Hunt is a place for featuring and discussing best new apps, games, websites and tech. The community behind Product Hunt consists of early adopters, entrepreneurs and journalists. No wonder, appearing on Product Hunt can get your app good quality visibility.

Last week we got our photo editing app Ultrapop submitted on Product Hunt. Today I’ll tell you how you can get your app featured and illustrate each step with our own example.

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5 awesome tools for app developers and marketers spotted on Product Hunt

About a month ago we compiled a list of tools and resources that make a life of an indie app developer much easier. Those were mostly well-known, established tools that have been around for a while. But the industry is not standing still. This week we have selected 5 fresh tools for app developers that you are very unlikely to have heard of.

Why being on Product Hunt makes these products special?

Product Hunt is a website for featuring and discussing best new web projects, apps, gadgets and technology products. The Product Hunt community consists of startuppers, investors, tech journalists and enthusiastic startup hunters. Submitting a product to the service is not easy and it takes a lot of upvotes for the service to get noticed. That is why only great products get through.

So here comes the list. You couldn’t imagine that some processes can be so much simplified.

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App Success Stories and What We Can Learn From Them

One doesn’t need an immense budget to create a successful iOS app. Clear vision, original idea and continuous experimenting help to outrun established brands in the race for top positions on the App Store. Sometimes these successful developers share their stories in their blogs and interviews. These stories are always super-motivating. But you can get more than must inspiration out of them. Each story contains a lesson that you can implement in your app marketing routine.

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