How to Brainstorm Keywords for Your iOS Apps and Games

Whatever your approach to App Store Optimization is and whatever tools you use, it all starts with brainstorming a list of keywords. Getting into the mindset of your app’s audience is not easy. However, we know a few techniques that will help you come up with a really long list of keywords for your product.

Write down your own keyword ideas

Write down the keyword describing each single feature of your app, what problems it addresses, places where it can be used, and so on. In case, it’s a game, include the words describing its mechanics and all the objects within the game. If it is a photo app, write down the name of filters and the effects the app can create (analogue, glitch, hipster). At this stage don’t analyze too much, write anything that comes to mind. Don’t limit yourself to single words, write down phrases as well. See what a variety of keywords some successful game developers come up with.

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6 Communities and Discussion Forums for iOS Developers

When app developers create a cool game/app or discover some awesome ways to promote their product, they share. On forums, subreddits, on their blogs and so on. Where else can you show off your brainchild, compare yourself against other developers, ask questions and get detailed answers?

You probably already hang out on a few developer forums. But it won’t hurt to discover a few new ones. Here comes!

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