ASO Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

Sometimes App Store Optimization doesn’t work the way you planned.

You may have read some guide, followed every step. But the visibility of your apps hasn’t increased that much.

As App Store doesn’t reveal its search algorithm, the only way to figure it out is to experiment and make conclusions. And that is what we’ve been doing with our apps’ ASO. Here are some observations that you may benefit from.

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How to Promote iOS Apps To Chinese Market

Let’s face it. We, app developers, keep looking for easy ways to acquire new users. The strategies that require minimum effort and money and considerably increase our audience.

Do these strategies exist?

Sure. For example, pushing your apps to the Chinese market. The number of Apple users is growing. Many competitors concentrate on the USA market only. The situation couldn’t be more favorable!

Major app brands have been promoting their apps to China for some time. Indie devs are mostly afraid to try, or don’t know how to do that.

Our short post has all the information you need to start the expansion.

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What You Need to Do After Your App Review Has Been Published: Action List

Your efforts are finally paid off. The journalists you contacted with app pitches, have reviewed your app.



The important thing to remember in this blinding moment of happiness is that getting the review is not your ultimate goal. Your goal is increasing your app downloads, and optimizing your PR efforts.

So here is the list of easy things you should do to squeeze the maximum benefit from your apps’ reviews .

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Beginner’s Guide to Using App Promo Codes

Today’s post will be short. Yet very actionable.

You know how every iOS developer can get up to 100 promo codes per app release. At first glance, using them is super easy: you just create the codes and then share them with bloggers, app reviewers and other influential people who might get interested in your app.

However, there are a few things you need to know to make this easy process more rewarding.


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