Some Growth Hacking Ideas for App Promotion

You may spend hours and days promoting your mobile app or game. You talk about your app on forums, your product appears on some app blogs every now and then, but each of this activities brings you very few users and hardly any money.

But that’s not how it’s done. App marketing is about effective techniques and a stable growth. It really helps adopting a growth hacking mindset when you set out to promote your products.

growth hacking and app promotion

So, what is growth hacking? It’s a marketing technique which uses creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to sell and promote products. For growth hackers, the absolute focus is growth. If something doesn’t promise you a considerable boost in downloads, it’s not worth it.

Today we’ll teach you some growth hacking app promotion techniques. Read them, adapt them to your reality and take action. It’s time to move your app marketing to another level.

Make a price drop and enjoy a sharp increase in visitors.

We made it together with the update, plus we threw in some ASO and reviews and enjoyed more than 600 new visitors daily. And another time a price drop brought us more than 70,000 new users on the day of the sale. You can make a sale for just one day, reach top charts in a few countries and enjoy some long lasting effect. See this post telling how to make the most of an app price drop.

Get your app reviews on heavily visited websites.

Get the journalist contact details using free PR tools like Hey Press and pitch. It’s hard to reach out to major media hubs. But when you do, the benefits are enormous. You also need to think globally and pitch to Chinese, Japanese and Russian websites so as to enter different markets.

Promote your app on Quora and Reddit

Important: you need to pick out the subreddits with the most followers and questions on quora with a lot of people waiting for the answer. Unless you have a lot of time, don’t waste it posting on unpopular subreddits. Think big.

Get your app featured on Product Hunt

…And then smartly leverage it to get more exposure. Many startups now prefer to launch on Product Hunt rather than on major tech related media websites. Being featured on Product Hunt is highly rewarding both in terms of downloads and in terms of feedback. Don’t forget that they have a separate category for games. Here is our story being featured on Product Hunt.

Try getting your app featured by Apple.

The chances that you’ll get there are pretty slim. But it doesn’t take much time to write a letter to Apple. Here you’ll find the emails and the required information.

Allocate some of the time you spend on user acquisition to user retention

There is no point attracting new users if they never open your app after downloading it. In this case, huge downloads numbers mean nothing. Sometimes a single push notification sent at the right time can wake up thousands of dormant users.

Get the user who downloads one of your apps to download all your other products

This is what they call cross-promotion. Show banners or pop-up messages promoting your apps and games in each other. You can find services that allow free cross-promotion of your products. We developed such an SDK ourselves and we plan to make it available to all developers. Leave your email on this page. if you want to join. The SDK will also help setting up push notifications campaigns.

The great thing about the strategies above is that they require no money to implement. And if your app or game is of great quality and has something innovative or peculiar about it, at least one of these activities will bring you great results.

Stay tuned for more simple and effective app promotion tips!

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