Starting with Facebook Ads

Of all advertising channels for mobile app installs, Facebook seems to be the best choice.

It provides unprecedented targeting options and brings loyal users who spend more inside the app. If you have a quality app, you have got to try this.
Frankly speaking, we are not very successful with our Facebook ads at the moment. But as we are preparing to set up a few test campaigns, we found a few important steps that many developers overlook when planning their Facebook advertising. And we decided to share them with you.

Apparently before you open Power Editor or Ad Manager of Facebook, there is a lot you need to do. Briefly, about these steps
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Defining The Unique Selling Proposition of Your Mobile App

They say you can’t promote a product unless you can capture its essence in one sentence. And there seems to be no exception to this rule. Your mobile app or game is also a product and, therefore, should be supported by a unique selling proposition.

So what exactly is a unique selling proposition (USP)? It’s a factor that makes your app different from the competitors. It’s not a feature that other products doesn’t have, but rather a user benefit, that other apps don’t provide.

It’s worth thinking about your USP before you start working on your app. When you know what is supposed to differentiate your future app from competitors, what its audience is supposed to be like, it’s easier to work on the project and to deliver the app’s idea to anyone in your team.
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How to Promote Your Android App for Free

Promoting Android apps may not be as straightforward as promoting iOS products: the Google Play search algorithm seems more sophisticated, there are more Android apps than iOS ones (1.6 million VS 1.5 million). And as there are many more paying customers on iOS than Android, the competition seems even more severe.

However, when you know where to submit your app and where to inspire conversations about it, the whole promotion process becomes more strategic and successful. Let’s take a look at these websites and social media channels.

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Some Growth Hacking Ideas for App Promotion

You may spend hours and days promoting your mobile app or game. You talk about your app on forums, your product appears on some app blogs every now and then, but each of this activities brings you very few users and hardly any money.

But that’s not how it’s done. App marketing is about effective techniques and a stable growth. It really helps adopting a growth hacking mindset when you set out to promote your products.

growth hacking and app promotion

So, what is growth hacking? It’s a marketing technique which uses creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to sell and promote products. For growth hackers, the absolute focus is growth. If something doesn’t promise you a considerable boost in downloads, it’s not worth it.

Today we’ll teach you some growth hacking app promotion techniques. Read them, adapt them to your reality and take action. It’s time to move your app marketing to another level.

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How Price Drops Can Contribute to Your Success on iOS App Store

Many developers admit that occasional price drops are the major method of attracting new users to their apps. Not PR, not advertising, not social media promotion – just price drops! In this post we’ll find out the reasons why this strategy works and discuss ways to get the most advantage of a temporary price drop. If you have developed a paid iOS app, you absolutely can’t miss this information.
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