How to Promote Your iOS Apps to Japanese Market

At first, a few words about why pushing apps to Japan is a great idea. Firstly, large market (this small country has a third of USA population) with users preferring iOS devices over the ones running on Android. And, secondly, the Japanese are ready to spend money on good quality apps, games and in-apps (not so much the case in Russia or China). In fact, according to Sensortower, Japan demonstrates the highest revenue per download in 2015. You can’t miss a chance of getting your app or game in front of the eyes of such valuable users!


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Starting With iOS App Localization

You do realize that USA and UK are not the only countries where people download apps and play mobile games. However, unless your app is localized, for example, into Spanish, people of Mexico, Chili, Spain or Argentina will have a hard time finding it.

The idea to localize your app into another language has probably entered your mind. But the high fees for professional localization and the fact that hardly any indie developers localize their apps sort of hold you back.

But you can go the easy way. Even if you only localize metadata (keyword, description, and title) and leave interface and screenshots in English, it will still boost your app’s visibility. It will only take you a few hours to implement, there are no risks, and our tips will help you reach some amazing results.

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How We Got Our App Featured on Product Hunt and How You Can Do it Too

They say you can’t properly promote your app without paid advertising. However, you sometimes come across app success stories telling about impressive numbers of organic downloads. And, interestingly enough, many of these stories include being featured on Product Hunt.


Product Hunt is a place for featuring and discussing best new apps, games, websites and tech. The community behind Product Hunt consists of early adopters, entrepreneurs and journalists. No wonder, appearing on Product Hunt can get your app good quality visibility.

Last week we got our photo editing app Ultrapop submitted on Product Hunt. Today I’ll tell you how you can get your app featured and illustrate each step with our own example.

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6 Communities and Discussion Forums for iOS Developers

When app developers create a cool game/app or discover some awesome ways to promote their product, they share. On forums, subreddits, on their blogs and so on. Where else can you show off your brainchild, compare yourself against other developers, ask questions and get detailed answers?

You probably already hang out on a few developer forums. But it won’t hurt to discover a few new ones. Here comes!

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