Some Growth Hacking Ideas for App Promotion

You may spend hours and days promoting your mobile app or game. You talk about your app on forums, your product appears on some app blogs every now and then, but each of this activities brings you very few users and hardly any money.

But that’s not how it’s done. App marketing is about effective techniques and a stable growth. It really helps adopting a growth hacking mindset when you set out to promote your products.

growth hacking and app promotion

So, what is growth hacking? It’s a marketing technique which uses creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to sell and promote products. For growth hackers, the absolute focus is growth. If something doesn’t promise you a considerable boost in downloads, it’s not worth it.

Today we’ll teach you some growth hacking app promotion techniques. Read them, adapt them to your reality and take action. It’s time to move your app marketing to another level.

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How Price Drops Can Contribute to Your Success on iOS App Store

Many developers admit that occasional price drops are the major method of attracting new users to their apps. Not PR, not advertising, not social media promotion – just price drops! In this post we’ll find out the reasons why this strategy works and discuss ways to get the most advantage of a temporary price drop. If you have developed a paid iOS app, you absolutely can’t miss this information.
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How to Create Full-screen Ads for Mobile Cross-promo Campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, app cross promotion is invaluable as a starting point for your app marketing. Loyal users of your old apps are perhaps a perfect target audience for your new apps. Plus, with service like AppDK, cross-promotion is simple and requires a little of your time and none of your money.

We’ve written about many ways in which you can make your app cross promotion more effective. And here comes a new tip.

Use full-screen banners to cross-promote your apps.

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How to Write Effective Creatives That Will Boost Your App Installs

This happens a lot. You create an awesome app, upload it to the App Store, advertise it, and nothing. No ratings and hardly any installs. In the meantime, your competitors launch similar apps, advertise them in same networks, and conquer what once supposed to become your audience. And it doesn’t get any better.

Depressing? Yes, it is

But there are ways out. A good one would be to run more effective ad campaigns by writing irresistible creative messages. The ones that will make your prospects reach for the install button. By the time you read through the post, you’ll know a few effective ways to craft this kind of messages.

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