How to Promote Your iOS Apps to Japanese Market

At first, a few words about why pushing apps to Japan is a great idea. Firstly, large market (this small country has a third of USA population) with users preferring iOS devices over the ones running on Android. And, secondly, the Japanese are ready to spend money on good quality apps, games and in-apps (not so much the case in Russia or China). In fact, according to Sensortower, Japan demonstrates the highest revenue per download in 2015. You can’t miss a chance of getting your app or game in front of the eyes of such valuable users!


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How to Promote iOS Apps To Chinese Market

Let’s face it. We, app developers, keep looking for easy ways to acquire new users. The strategies that require minimum effort and money and considerably increase our audience.

Do these strategies exist?

Sure. For example, pushing your apps to the Chinese market. The number of Apple users is growing. Many competitors concentrate on the USA market only. The situation couldn’t be more favorable!

Major app brands have been promoting their apps to China for some time. Indie devs are mostly afraid to try, or don’t know how to do that.

Our short post has all the information you need to start the expansion.

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What You Need to Do After Your App Review Has Been Published: Action List

Your efforts are finally paid off. The journalists you contacted with app pitches, have reviewed your app.



The important thing to remember in this blinding moment of happiness is that getting the review is not your ultimate goal. Your goal is increasing your app downloads, and optimizing your PR efforts.

So here is the list of easy things you should do to squeeze the maximum benefit from your apps’ reviews .

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How To Write Your Own App Press Release And Save Yourself $100

Some marketers argue whether app press releases are worth it these days. Frankly speaking, publishing a press release on a press release distribution websites have never caused a huge downloads boost for our apps. However, we can name at least two advantages of publishing press releases:

- After the press release is published, the app normally gets featured on around 15 websites which contributes a lot to the app’s discoverability in search engines. Don’t expect a huge number of downloads, though. The most influential iOS app websites probably have tons of app pitches sent directly to them and they don’t need to monitor press releases websites for information;

- Once it’s published on a website like prMac, you get yourself a convenient link to share with journalists and bloggers.

And it is commonly known that journalists and bloggers are the ones who spread the news about new apps most effectively.

So, yes, app press releases are worth it.


You may either have your press release written for you or write it yourself. As the one who developed you app, you have all the information that you require. Below you’ll find guidelines on how to organize this information into a sleek press release.

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How to Write an App Pitch and Reach Influential App Review Websites

Have you ever thought of sending out review requests after your app has been published on App Store?

You might think that most of your requests won’t even get opened.

And you are right.

However, the secret of success lies in never giving up. Who knows, maybe one of your requests will end up bringing you a few thousand users. And a nice, succinct app pitch increases the chances of that happening. And it takes one post to learn to write such pitches. Keep reading!


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