Best Blogs on App Marketing

If you feel depressed about your app going nowhere, stop it. There are so many useful blogs out there that will educate you and provide you with incredible ideas to push your app to success. I have checked out my share of app marketing blogs and selected the ones that are worth your precious time. People who write them actually work with mobile apps, analyze big chunks of data, and know what they are talking about.


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How to Effectively Track and Resolve Bugs in Your Apps

The best way to manage bugs in your application is to avoid them. But some of the bugs get detected only after the release of the app. This is not the end of the world. Some major app publishers released app versions with a bug and survived.

The key to managing your bugs successfully means knowing how to detect them, track them and how to manage user frustration caused by not good enough performance of your app. Let’s look into all these in more detail.


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5 awesome tools for app developers and marketers spotted on Product Hunt

About a month ago we compiled a list of tools and resources that make a life of an indie app developer much easier. Those were mostly well-known, established tools that have been around for a while. But the industry is not standing still. This week we have selected 5 fresh tools for app developers that you are very unlikely to have heard of.

Why being on Product Hunt makes these products special?

Product Hunt is a website for featuring and discussing best new web projects, apps, gadgets and technology products. The Product Hunt community consists of startuppers, investors, tech journalists and enthusiastic startup hunters. Submitting a product to the service is not easy and it takes a lot of upvotes for the service to get noticed. That is why only great products get through.

So here comes the list. You couldn’t imagine that some processes can be so much simplified.

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App Success Stories and What We Can Learn From Them

One doesn’t need an immense budget to create a successful iOS app. Clear vision, original idea and continuous experimenting help to outrun established brands in the race for top positions on the App Store. Sometimes these successful developers share their stories in their blogs and interviews. These stories are always super-motivating. But you can get more than must inspiration out of them. Each story contains a lesson that you can implement in your app marketing routine.

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6 Communities and Discussion Forums for iOS Developers

When app developers create a cool game/app or discover some awesome ways to promote their product, they share. On forums, subreddits, on their blogs and so on. Where else can you show off your brainchild, compare yourself against other developers, ask questions and get detailed answers?

You probably already hang out on a few developer forums. But it won’t hurt to discover a few new ones. Here comes!

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