Top 10 Marketing and Analytics Resources for Indie Developers

Ever wondered which of the numerous tools and resources for iOS app marketing and analytics really work? We know at least ten that are free, simple and provide lots of benefits!

You may click on each of the subheadings to open the resource in a new tab. You are sure to find something useful you haven’t heard of before.

1. Forums on Toucharcade (iOS)

The threads here always get a decent amount of views. If your app is something special, it will definitely get noticed. Toucharcade is mostly focused on games. If you have an app in a different category, try iOS apps forum.

2. Appcrawlr (iOS and Android)


This website will help you find relevant apps to make a small competitive research. Make use of all the advanced search options that they offer.

3. Sensortower (iOS and Android)


Their Keyword Research tab will help you identify the word with the most traffic and with the fewest competing apps. Plus, they have an amazing blog, and their home page is a great place to look up the list of keywords for any app! In our ASO guide you may read more about using Sensortower.

4. AppAnnie (Android and iOS)


Use this one to see which of your keywords you rank high for, and which words you should change for something with less competition. Once you’re signed in, you can add particular keyword phrases/combinations to the list and track the rankings of those as well.

5. Appshopper (iOS)


Appshopper website may let your spy on other developers’ price drop strategies (something we are currently experimenting with, I’ll let you know about the results in the next post). Also, once your app is released, submit it to appshopper to be listed on this heavily visited website.

6. Apphookup subreddit (iOS and Android)

This is a very dynamic community where you can share information about your app’s temporary sale. If you ever drop the price for your app, don’t forget to post here!

7. Grammarly


Grammarly chrome extension is, in fact, an English grammar tool. Nothing to do with app marketing. But if you are writing your app description on the itunesconnect dashboard, for example, it will quickly identify the mistakes and typos. A free and efficient proofreader. Unbelievably useful.

8. AppDK (iOS and Android)

This is free SDK that we’ve built for cross-promoting apps, sending push notifications and rate & review prompts. We now use it for our own apps and will soon add more features and make it available for other developers. If you need a tool like this, leave your email here and we’ll soon contact you about more details.

9. Helpshift (Android, iOS and more)

This is sort of an in-app chat that helps to interact with your users. This way, the bug reports will end up in your inbox (you receive a notification when you get a message) rather than among reviews. Helpshift may also help you get some interesting feature suggestions from users.

Also, if users have a problem using your app, they may send you a question, get your polite explanation and continue using your product. Without the proper support, they may just delete your app if they can’t figure out how to use it. Helpshift is free for one app and one team member – a great chance for indie developers to test out this awesome tool!

10. App Review Times (iOS)


Wondering whether your app will be approved by a certain date or a holiday? Here is a great tool to find out the current app store review time. It is based on the data submitted by developers and is quite accurate.

That’s the end of the list. If you know a great tool to add, please share in the comments!

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